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Our Mission

Achieve a career, achieve you and me

We must achieve the cause of the Golden Crown. We must give top priority to the Golden Crown cause, take the Golden Crown development as the foundation, be loyal and dedicated, and never lose our mission. We want to achieve the cause of our customers. Customers are the precious wealth of Golden Crown.

We must achieve the cause of our collaborators. Win-win with our partners is the success of our Golden Crown.

We must achieve the cause of the Golden Crown people. Golden Crown builds a platform for Golden Crown people to achieve career and realize personal value.

The achievement of you and me is the ideal pursued by Golden Crown. Achieve everyone, a small family, a customer, a collaborator, achieve a win-win situation, and seek common development.

Enterprise spirit:

1. Work hard

Turn the impossible into a possible, responsible, pragmatic, and meticulous spirit to do everything in every day; only find a way to succeed, not find a reason for failure; turn the impossible into possible.

2. Treat others in good faith

You can only move others when you touch yourself, and keeping your credibility is the foundation of doing things for others. Treat people with sincerity, humility, more tolerance and understanding; face customers and employees, adhere to the attitude of one promise, and move customers, colleagues, friends and families by touching themselves.

core value:

1. Dare to be responsible

Different from the general sense of responsibility, it must have the ability and courage to take responsibility, as long as it is in the interests of Cambridge, whether it is within or outside the courage to bear responsibility. Encourage such behavior, even if it is wrong, do not seek full blame.

2. Dare to lead

Unlike innovation in the general sense, it must have the courage to eat crabs, take the road that no one has ever traveled before, and have the courage to fight, not to fail, to persevere, to make the impossible possible.

3. Yinuoqianjin

In the face of customers and employees, we must adhere to the promise of loyalty and promise, and words and deeds must be decisive.

4. Meticulous

Be meticulous in work, conscientious and responsible, work hard in every detail, and work hard.

5. Be willing to give

The Golden Crown people are dedicated to dedication. At any time, any place, and under any circumstances, we should focus on the overall situation of Cambridge and prioritize the Golden Crown cause. Personal interests will increase with the Golden Crown cause.


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