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Deputy Secretary Li Ming inspects production prevention and control at Golden Crown
Time:2020-05-26 16:13:07      點擊次數:217

       On February 16, Li Ming, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, came to Anhui Jinguan Glass Co., Ltd. to inspect production resumption and epidemic prevention and control. Chairman Li Maohua gave a detailed introduction to Li Ming. As the epidemic continued to develop, Golden Crown Glass continued to strengthen its control measures, such as the purchase of N95 protective masks from the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, all the people who entered the factory measured the temperature, the special person was responsible for the whole plant disinfection, and the special person in the workshop carried out irregular flow temperature measurement. At present, the company's employees are in a stable mood, orderly production, raw materials through the coordination of the municipal government and the development zone to open up a green channel sufficient supply, can effectively meet customer delivery needs.

Li Ming, deputy secretary told the company to continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention, while actively resuming production to achieve stable production and increase production.

Zheng Xiaoye, deputy secretary general of the Municipal Party Committee, Xu Congliang, director of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Zhang Li, director of the Municipal Party Committee's Target Office, Ren Qiang, deputy head of Xiangshan District, and Zhang Yuan, deputy director of the development zone, and other relevant department leaders accompanied the inspection and investigation.


Chairman Li Maohua introduced the company's production resumption and epidemic prevention and control to Deputy Secretary Li Ming


Deputy Secretary Li Ming checked the enterprise's production resumption and epidemic prevention and control work

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