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1. Use our sincere smile in exchange for customer satisfaction with our service

2. Outstanding team, satisfactory service

3. Pioneering and innovation, based on the market for development; attentive service for users

4. Love and dedication, realistic and innovative, attentive service, and strive for the forefront

5. Enterprise development, service-oriented; outstanding service, integrity-based

6. All for customers, for all customers, for all customers.

7. People-oriented, customer-oriented, superb service, strive to win the crown

8. Guarantee service quality and meet customer needs

9. Treat each other with sincerity and surpass the needs of customers; serve wholeheartedly to provide more for customers.

10. Smile, speed, integrity, skill, technology

11, meticulous, thoughtful, perfect, beautiful

12. Service first, then manufacture

13. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit


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